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Unifi Business
Unifi Business Unifi Business, owned by Malaysia’s telecommunications leader Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM), primed to accelerate digitalisation of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

Our certified Unifi Business Consultant team are endorsed with the International Certification for Digital Literacy (ICDL) and will offer continuous support and guidance to our MSMEs.

Multiple Unifi Business solutions such as Unifi eCommerce Hub, Unifi Cloud Storage and Cyber Security solution, are designed as curated business solutions to meet MSMEs business needs.

Unifi Cloud Storage: MSMEs can enjoy flexible, safe and scalable data storage with Unifi Cloud Storage, as it is designed to help businesses manage the often tedious task of storing valuable information. This solution provides access for multiple users and secured encryption for better business productivity. Hosted locally at TM’s Green Data Centre-certified facilities, Unifi Cloud Storage provides a secure home for important files and information so businesses can focus on growing and being profitable.

Unifi eCommerce Hub: This suite is for entrepreneurs who want to sync their offline and online sales channels, manage product inventories, orders, monitor sales and revenue, as well as manage social media enquiries. Unifi eCommerce Hub is designed to connect and maximise growth opportunities seamlessly. This solution offers a single and integrated platform, with an easy-to-use interface. With this, entrepreneurs are able to even build interactive websites with built-in online payment features and delivery partner service.

Cybersecurity Solution: MSMEs who are in the market to secure their business from cyber threats can opt for our Small Office Security, touted to be an easy-todeploy and straightforward-to-manage solution. This would allow business owners to get on with the important stuff – like generating revenue and growing business. Supported by a world-leading cyber security provider, the solution protects important things that matter to businesses regardless of IT skill level, providing “Always OnSecurity for Always-On Businesses”

Unifi Business promises to continue to bridge the connectivity gap by providing MSMEs with stable and reliable high-speed broadband and services at affordable prices. Other than curated business solutions, Unifi Business now offers essential smart devices plans for their growing businesses.

In order to get this plan, what they need is just subscribe to any unifi Business Fibre plan (100Mbps and above), and they can add either laptop or smart tv to their fibre plan from as low as RM103 per month.

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马电讯(Telekom Malaysia )旗下的Unifi Business致力于协助微型、中小型企业 (MSME) 迈向数字化。

Unifi业务顾问团队具备国际数字素养认证 (ICDL) 的认可,有能力为微型、中小型企业经营者提供持续的支援和指导。

Unifi商业解决方案如:Unifi eCommerce Hub、Unifi Cloud Storage以及 Cybersecurity Solution 皆是精心规划的商业解决方案,足以满足微型、中小型企业的业务需求。

Unifi Cloud Storage:中小型企业可以通过Unifi Cloud Storage享受灵活、便捷、安全和可扩展的数据存储,它旨在帮助企业管理存储有价值的信息。该解决方案为多个用户提供访问权限并提供安全加密,借此得以提高业务生产力。马电讯托管经绿色数据中心认证的设施,Unifi Cloud Storage为重要文件和信息提供一个安全的家,企业因此可以专注于增长和盈利。

Unifi eCommerce Hub:该套件适用于希望将线下和线上销售渠道同步、管理产品库存、订单、监控销售和收入以及管理社交媒体查询的企业家。 Unifi eCommerce Hub的应用旨在无缝连接和最大化增长机会。该解决方案提供了一个单一的集成平台,介面使用非常便捷。业务经营者通过此项服务可以建立具有内置在线支付功能和交付合作伙伴服务的交互式网站。

Cybersecurity Solution:在市场上致力于保护业务免受网络威胁的微型、中小型企业经营者,可以选择这个小型办公室安全解决方案。该解决方案获认可为易于部署和管理的解决方案。这将使企业经营者能够继续处理重要的事情——比如创造收入和发展业务。


Unifi Business 以可负担的价格为中小型企业提供稳定可靠的高速宽带和服务,继续弥合连接差距。

除了业务解决方案,Unifi Business目前也提供必要的智能设备计划,协助业者持续取得成长。

只要订购任何的unifi Business Fibre plan(100Mbps及以上)即可享有此计划。业者甚至可以将它们的笔记本电脑或智能电视加入相关的光纤计划,每月费用低至103令吉。

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